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Why? Where? What? and Who? Four Unrelated Items


My friend Tim Havrilek has an entry on his blog, a blog which covers politics in west Kentucky. The Underground Rooster has been mentioned before here along the Left Bank of the Ohio River near Milepost 606. Tim would be considered a conservative Democrat here in Louisville and I am confident he calls himself one. But he is also a passionate and compassionate Democrat and his passion and compassion are more than just political catchwords. We have known of each other for over a generation.

(The old Trigg County Courthouse is shown at left. I believe it has been torn down). His most recent entry has a "To Kill A Mockingbird" air to it. It concerns the local trial of a man accused and convicted of Disturbing the Peace in Trigg County, Kentucky. If you are not familiar with Trigg County, it lays upon the Tennessee state line in near-far western Kentucky. Those of you who make the trek to Fancy Farm each August end up about fifty miles west of the county, which like the community of Fancy Farm is bisected by KY80. Fully one-third of the county is part of the Kentucky and Tennesee's famous Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area. Trigg is a beautiful county with shores of both Kentucky and Barkley lakes. The population is about 13,000 and the county seat is Cadiz.

The beauty of Trigg County ends there as far the current entry of the Underground Rooster is concerned. The story is about a Mr. Latham, use of the word bullshit and the possible use of an invective epithet as a result of Mr. Latham wearing an Obama t-shirt in a recent parade. I invite you to go read the story and form your own opinion. As I stated in the comments section of the entry, it is situations like this which cause people like me to join the ACLU. After reading the entry one question which will come to mind is Why?



I spent part of the afternoon today getting new brakes put on my little car, a facsimile of which is shown at left. In the near future, other work due to be done is an oil-change and at least two new tires. Earlier this year I drove the car to Washington DC and I am planning to make that trip again in early October. This time I will drive the reverse route of that taken by me and my two fellow travellers when the occasion then was the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States of America. This next trip will be a much less structured, which hopefully means a little more relaxed. While I had the time of my life in the cold frozen tundra of January in Washington and would do it all again for President Obama, this trip has no specific agenda other than to see a few friends and, naturally, to do a little politicking. Later in the year, between Christmas and New Year's, it is my hope to take my mother to see her cousins in Chattanooga; and continue from there south with my friend to Homestead, Florida, where he can visit his daugther's maternal grandmother; and for me to go alone from there even further south to Key West and Duval Street for some end of 2009/beginning of 2010 fun.



What ever happened to Global Warming? No, I'm not falling off the liberal bandwagon and abandoning belief in the scientific fact of global warming. But one has to question the legimitacy of such an idea here in Louisville where Julys and Augusts are typically unbearable, with temperatures and humidity levels both usually in the 90s for way-too-many days. July was the most agreeable July we've ever had in Louisville, and other than a flood on August 4th, this month has been pleasurable as well. What will September and October bring? Sooner or later we have to have a few days of Summer. My 49th birthday in a few weeks will officially kick off Autumn, so there isn't much time left.



While watching Senator Kennedy's funeral, did anyone other than me see the possible third-generation family member to whom a torch - The Torch - might someday be passed? Although he is yet a teenager, John Bouvier Kennedy "Jack" Schlossberg, the son of presidential-daughter Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, could be in line sooner or later. He was seen in the funeral as one of the readers during the Prayers of the People part of the Mass. Assuming he is 16 today, he would be eligible for the presidency in 2028 and if not then in 2032. I'll be 67 in the former and 71 in the latter. There's nothing wrong with planning ahead.

From left to right, that's Rose, Caroline, Tatiana, and Jack Schlossberg at last year's Democratic National Convention in Denver.

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