Sunday, August 9, 2009

519. Our Place In The Sun

My last entry mentioned two very different places within our Republic, New York City and Alaska. Often when I mention places like that, visitors will show up from those locales to see what I was saying about their fair city, state, or nation. From time to time, I check my list of visitors to see who they are, where they are, and what they are reading here along the Left Bank of the Ohio River near Milepost 606. I've reported on these before, but it has been a long time since doing so.

To my surprise, no one from either place stopped by for a look-see. Although my readership is very small compared to some other local blogs, I can usually count on such a visit. What I did find were the cities, towns, and villages of some recent visitors, with a few new places I've never noticed before.

Among the last 100 visitors came folks from Sycamore, FL; Calvert City, KY; Howell, NJ; and Lees Summit, MO. Also, some place called Tunnelton, WV which lists as the service provider the West Virginia Educational Network and Seattle, WA, listing showing the provider as the University of Washington. I visited their webpage which is, for the time being, boasting that researchers from that school have determined that comets hitting the earth are very likely not the cause of our planet's previous mass extinctions. Yet another theory I was taught in school debunked. What's next - that Utica, Kentucky isn't the center of social activity as I learned from a dormmate my freshman year of college? But, I digress.

I had visitors from five foreign countries although one of those entries comes with an asterisk. Whenever Waterloo, Ontario shows up in my list, it is invariably a particular friend of mine in Washington, DC checking a blackberry. Whether this visit was that person or not I do not know. But I have tested that hypothesis and proven it to be true. Other foreigners have arrived from Herzberg, GERMANY; Dubai, UAR; Theux Liege, BELGIUM (twice); and Casablanca, MOROCCO. My Casablanca reader linked to my comments on the passing of Michael Jackson. Whoever it was, "here's looking at you, kid!"

Finally, back here at home, a comment on our place it the sun, literally. If you went outside today, you felt it - that is the sun. For the first time in forty-four days, Louisville's temperature made it into the 90s, something it didn't do for entire month of July, the first July on record that went 90-less. Earlier today the high reached 91, four degrees above the average high temperature of 87. The low this morning was 73, also four degrees higher than normal. The record high for this date was two years ago when the temperature was 102. The record low was 53 in 1989.

Let's hope this upcoming week is less eventful, at least weatherwise, than the previous one.


Paul said...

When did the Seattle entry come in? I was visiting there 7/28 and 29 and probably checked in from my hotel.

Paul G

Jim Anderson Stivers said...


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